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Dr. Skordalakis and staff provide consistently exceptional pediatric dental service and knowledgeable advice. Their office is comfortable and geared towards children having a positive experience that can be put into practice at home. I recommend Pediatric Dentistry at the Falls to any parent looking for pediatric dental care specialists.
- Donna F.

My kids have always enjoyed getting their teeth cleaned here. My son had a baby tooth pulled and didn't even need any pain meds, they were so gentle pulling the tooth. My daughter is 6 now and every time her cleaning is over she asks to have them cleaned again. I highly recommend this office. The doctors and staff are just amazing.
~C. Elsea

I love the doctor he really takes the time to explain the options and procedures,staff is really friendly. You guys are great! Love the kid friendly environment with the little extras. The chance to win a gift is really a nice gesture too.
~ F. Khadri

We travel from Winchester, Va to come to this dental office and we absolutely love it !!! The staff is amazing and they are very patient and caring to our kids !! I wouldn't want to take my child to any other dentist office !!!

Dr. S is always very clear, straightforward and friendly. He explains what he's doing to the children and parents so it's easy to understand. He relates really well to my son, and although he is already 16 & we live further west, it is worth it because my son has always been comfortable here and he leaves feeling good about his visits. I love the new technology they continue to use, and the fact that they explain how it works - the office staff and techs are just as friendly as Dr. S, so it's always a pleasure to come here! Thanks for being such a great pediatric dental office!
~ Cindy G.

I was very impressed with the competence and friendly nature of the staff. The office was clean and offered entertainment for kids of all ages (mine were 12, 9, & 6 yrs old). My children LOVED the staff and Dr. Skordalakis, who was so reassuring with his treatment and communication of his observations. He gave an honest assessment for each child, explaining that he was not about unnecessary procedures. I was especially happy to hear him say my 2nd son did not need any orthodontic work and explained his reasons for that conclusion. A couple other dental offices had recommended braces for him and suggested it would be needed soon. I feel confident with Dr. Skordalakis' skill and knowledge. It's been difficult finding a pediatric dentist in the area that met a lot of my criteria, but this office definitely fit the bill. So glad we found Dr. Skordalakis and we will be happy to return.

I love Dr. Skordalakis's dental practice! I have four kids that see Dr. Skordalakis and they all love going to the dentist. The youngest, 2yrs old, was apprehensive and they were able to get her to cooperate and got the entire dental cleaning and examination done. By the end of the visit she was smiling. We have probably seen every hygenist there and they are all so friendly and interactive. Dr. Skordalakis is so personable and knowledgable. Everything he explains makes sense and he is very genuine. We are in the military and moving every three years has taken us to many dentist offices. Dr. Skordalakis, his staff and the manner in which his office is run are by far the best!

Welcomed with a SMILE, assured a Solid Skill Set, & Steadfastly Passionate about providing the Absolute Best Pediatric Dental Care!

As a military family we're accustomed to searching for new dentists more often than most families. I believe Dr. Skordalakis is our daughter's; Georgeanna (age 12), 5th dentist.

'Going to the dentist ' wasn't Georgie's favorite after school activity! She always was cooperative & a good sport, though as her momma I was aware of her apprehension which had been cultivated from previous dental 'experiences'. Hence, when I heard about Dr. S. & his wonderful team, I made the decision to drive an hour and a half plus.

After Georgeanna's 1st incredibly + and caring dental apt. with Dr. S & his friendly team...mine too as yes, I was watching closely, we both felt happy and thankful. Can you imagine not wanting to leave the dentist's office because you feel so 'at home'? You walk out hand in hand with your child smiling and feeling terrific! I know it sounds Norman Rockwell like, yet I'm speaking the TRUTH.

We're Grateful for Dr. Skordalakis's Commitment to SOLID, COMPASSIONATE Pediatric Dental Care & his philosophy about having a Genuinely Dedicated Team
~ Blessings, The Guthrie/Hoey Family


We knew we had a great dentist for our kids when the older ones told the younger ones how great the visit to the dentist was. They went into detail about the process; how you get to watch TV on the ceiling, and then you get a goodie bag. My kids go running out of the car to get to the apt. One time, one of the kids needed to have a tooth extracted. I was given the option of doing it immediately while we were there for our routine visit. That saved a lot of time for me.

Not enough words to express my gratitude to Dr S. When Ashburn Pediatrics told me that my 5 year old son had to be put to sleep to take care of a couple of cavities and oh yeah I they also wanted almost $1,000 up front just to make the appt. Dr S. was able to fix it during the regular cleaning visit! painless my son was very happy! Thank you Dr Skordalakis!

My granddaughter has been seeing this dentist since she was very young, and she feels like he is a good friend. Visits to the dentist are looked forward to. Dr. Skordalakis knows and cares about each patient and is wonderfully helpful in teaching young people to take care of their dental health. We'd recommend him to anyone with young children. The office is delightful, the staff competent, and treatment has always been successful. Since she had extensive orthodontic work, she was a little concerned about dental visits until we found this special office!

Sharron W.

Dr. Skordalakis made dental care for my children so much easier. Previous our six years with Dr. S. my children had horrible experiences with the dentist. My previous dentist stated that my daughter had behavorial issues and that my youngest would have to have anethisia to have a tooth removed! I went to Dr. S. on a referral and he was able to remove my son's tooth with local anethesia and removed the tooth within 20 minutes.! As for my daughter she has now outgrown Dr. S. She was disappointed when she found out she was to old to see Dr. S. anymore. But that is okay because he also shares an office with Dr. Papageriou which I use as my dentist. Needless to say my children have developed a great dental maintenance care due to Dr. S. Now it is time for my granddaughter to start her program. I would highly (100%) have faith in Dr. Skordalakis dentistry.

Both Dr. S. and his staff took care of both of my daughters even when they got a little stressed out. They have positive and relaxing attitude and really do make the children feel calm.

There will never be enough words to express my appreciation for Dr. S. (as my kids like to call him) and his staff. I just took my 3 year old in today for his first cleaning and he already loves Dr. S. just as much as his 7 year old brother does!! Dr. S. has an amazingly calm, gentle spirit about him that makes the dental experience extremely comfortable for my boys (the playroom, VERY cute decor, TVs above every chair, goodie bags and prize tokens help too!!) You can honestly tell that Dr. S. has a sincere love for kids and it is apparent in every thoughtful detail. We started seeing Dr. S. when we lived in Leesburg, VA (which is only a short distance away) and then we moved to the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. We make the 1 hour drive twice a year to Sterling because my son LOVES Dr. S. so much!! He had two oral surgies to remove an excess tooth, but because Dr. S. really took his time to let my son know that he was going to take care of him and that everything was going to be okay, my son still gets excited about going to the dentist!! THAT is priceless and why my kids will continue to see Dr. S!!

Annette S. Ranson, WV

We took are daughter to see Dr. S today for a pain she has been having in her tooth. All I have to say is I am so glad we are leaving are old dentist for him. He is awesome!! He is great with kids and with parents! He is definitely not one of those doctors who is all about making money. He gives you is honest opinion and explains everything clearly. I would recommend his practice to everyone!

Dr. Skordalakis is primarily a gentleman, then a dentist. He represents the highest possible principle in children's dental care. He always places children's interest over that of his own. One such example is when my son was squirming and whining over the fear of a crowning job, he quietly summoned me aside and explained why he think the procedure should be halted for that day. And that was his first appointment for that day; three nurses and he himself had spent at least half an hour to prepare for the procedure!

When children step into his state-of -the-art clinic, they are immediately enthralled by the zoo-like surroundings, which is both relieving and disarming to kids who might otherwise loath and fear going to the dentist. The staff is very warm and efficient--they never make you wait for too long and they always make a reminder call you before an appointment.

We switched to Dr. Skordalakis five years ago from a very rude pediatric dentist who frowned at an accidental omit by my child during a procedure, and we have never looked at any other pediatric dentist since. We love Dr. S and will remain with him for as long as the children stay children!

Grace X.

Our first visit was when my daughter had injured her tooth and was running a fever from it. They were actually able to see us the same day. Given the fact that we drive almost 2 ours to see him he fixed her up the same day. When my son needed a baby root canal he did it with no pain or pain meds .... and was done in like 10 minutes. We just adore him and his staff and is well worth the drive. Now that my oldest is 15 she is dreading having to see an adult dentist but his partner is equally top notch. Thank you Dr. S for being you!